Friday, 19 December 2014

The King of the Cats tours to bury Art Museum and Sculpture Centre

Bring the church down and find what is lurking behind it at Bury Art Museum.
A sculpture in an interactive peepbox - based on a story from Leyland, Lancashire

The exhibition is currently at Bury Art Museum. details: from where it will tour to Lancaster:

Bury Art Gallery and Museum:                                        6 December 2014 – 7 March 2015
Lancaster City Museum:                                                   21 March – 17 May 2015
Chapel Gallery, Ormskirk:                                                19 September – 24 October 2015.
Towneley Hall Art Gallery and Museum, Burnley:       16 January  – 9 April 2016
Museum of Lancashire, Preston:                                    30 April – 26 June 2016
Blackburn Museum and Art Gallery:                              1 July – 31 December 2016 (approximately)

Friday, 22 August 2014

King of the Cats - a touring exhibition is launched at the Whitaker, Rossendale

                                                                   White Doe Leaping  - bronze, paper, ink. work in progress

The King of the Cats
and other stories

4th Oct – 9th Nov 2014
       The Whitaker

Come and meet Boggarts, haunted Hares and talking Cats and be immersed in windswept moorland, snow capped hills and icy becks.
The Whitaker is proud to announce the inaugural exhibition of the King of the Cats, a touring exhibition, funded by the Arts Council, of text, sound, ceramics, sculpture, painting, painted objects and drawings.
Four local visual artists respond to old Lancashire folk tales and their contemporary retelling by acclaimed writer and storyteller Jackie Harris.

Marjan Wouda:  sculptures in atmospheric peep-box settings
Julie Miles:  characterful imagings in clay
Patricia Ramsden:  theatrical installations.
Christopher Rainham:  paintings, drawings and painted objects
Jacqueline Harris:  stories, text and recordings.
A stunning and varied exhibition of engaging contemporary art deeply rooted in the local environment
Visitor activities and workshops included

summer exhibition in Drenthe, Netherlands

Beelden in Gees - summer 2014 - open until 28 September.

Approximately 16 of my sculptures - with still more very small bronzes in the gallery space - feature in this exhibition in Drenthe, in Northern Holland. A beautiful large sculpture garden with wide ranging work by more than 20 artists including ceramics and jewellery. Make a day of it before the end of September! For more information visit:

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

follow your nose

I was invited by Dr. Geoffrey Farrer- Brown to contribute to an exhibition by selected artists exploring the power of a dog's nose, and its use in medical detection. Above is the first of 3 wax maquettes looking at how a dog's movement and pose support this action of following a scent.

The Medical Detection Dogs charity, which this touring exhibition project will support, used a similar image as its logo.
A third maquette - I like the curve of his back and tail, and the very active turn up of head and paw.
One of these 3 will be developed further into a life size bronze sculpture, to greet people when they enter the exhibition. Which one will it be?

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Sculptures in the magical setting of Dipley Mill Gardens - 20 & 21 July 2013


My last of three solo shows in beautiful gardens this spring/summer was the most magical. It really was a wonderful collaboration with Rose McMonigall who has lovingly shaped and developed these gardens.  I hope the pictures speak for themselves.

                                          Zachte Kracht, from far

                                          and close by

                                          Scrabble in the mill stream

Friday, 28 June 2013

More images of the event at dean manor gardens

Rover (new title),
My Body  (said the swan), appropriately by the pool,
Ganzebord Gans (ganzebord is a Dutch boardgame, where players become geese, living the life of a goose with all the good and mis-fortune this entails, such as falling in love and falling in a well)
Mother Hubbard's Dog (up to his tricks again)
Hare after Ts'ui Po (the latter inspired the pose in a painting)
and Big Ears ( everybody's favorite)
Finally "sentry".

Sculptures at Dean Manor Gardens

I had the good fortune to exhibit in the beautiful gardens of Dean Manor, nr. Chipping Norton this last weekend. This stork is I think my favorite image; garden and sculpture coming together in a most extraordinary way .

"Scrabble" was at the entrance, inviting visitors into the gardens....
Daun Russell (above), and the Raven pair (below) making the most of high vantage points...

While "Roll-up" (above) and Owl of Few Words (below)
found their ideal spaces in the more formal parts of the garden,
the wilder areas were perfect for the hares, falcons, mole and "Wader".
(Photos by Adrienne Craddock)